Note: While the resources here have been personally selected, that does not necessarily constitute a blanket endorsement of those resources or their content. It simply means that I believe the resource MAY be helpful. In addition, it is up to you to determine if a resource meets your needs and is appropriate for your situation.

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Help for You Now

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline      Focus on the Family Counselor Locator

Mental Health and Related Websites - great mental health resource

Find information, advice, and more at, a great mental health resource.

Mental Health and the Church

MH&C was created to help Christians better understand and love those living with mental health issues.


Boundaries - When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life     Life in Spite of Me     Note to Myself: thoughts to challenge and encourage by Chris Holmes     The Encouragement Challenge - Chris Holmes

Encouragement and Self Care

A Taste for the Woods - helping you get outdoors

The outdoors are for everyone, and getting out in nature is proven to boost your mood and decrease stress.

Sarah Stanley - Educating+encouraging consumers on all things health & wellness

Sarah Stanley educates and encourage people regarding all things health & wellness.

Feel Your Best - Stress Management

Debra Henessey helps people manage stress in productive and healthy ways.

Shop to Help Others

All or part of the proceeds from the businesses and products featured in this section are donated to people in need.

Hope Bridges Coffee - working to halt poverty and eradicate human trafficking

A portion of your purchase is used to provide food and education for neglected children in Thailand.

Strings for Hope

Proceeds go to food distribution programs, healthcare clinics, and schools in TN, Honduras, and Kenya.